Carl Stuart started out as a one-man business over fifty years ago by Walter Grimes. It is still a Limited Company with approx. sixty-five staff and is now run by  Walter's daughter Jane. The business has enjoyed a huge success since those early days and is now one of the few remaining truly bespoke tailoring businesses in the UK. As well as building a reputation for quality and excellence over this period, it is also interesting to note that many of our customers and staff have remained loyal to us throughout. Indeed some members of staff have been with the company since it's inception. Rodney,our head cutter has been doing the business for over fifty years having started as a sixteen-year old. Other members of staff have also served the company well for over forty years and this achievement was marked by a special presentation by HRH the Duke of Kent on his visit to the factory in 2009. 

Many others have remained with the company from commencement of employment and now share their wealth of knowledge and experience with a younger workforce. At a time when many UK businesses use overseas establishments to fulfil their orders it is heartwarming to see that traditional tailoring skills are still very much in demand and practiced right here in the heart of Yorkshire. Hopefully with your support it will continue to be so.

HRH The Duke of Kent chats with Walter & Nigel in 2009 - sadly both father and son have now passed away.

HRH The Duke of Kent chats with Walter & Nigel in 2009 - sadly both father and son have now passed away.



Michael Portillos fifth series of Great British Railway Journeys’ arrives at Huddersfield’s platform one. (A stately home with trains passing through) The popular TV presenter heads straight to our shop at Cloth Hall Street where our resident tailor,Jon Fairweather is standing by with a tape measure.Mr Portillo is here to experience traditional tailoring methods at first hand and Jon talks him through the process as he runs the tape over him.Michael even takes the shears in his hands and performs some of the delicate cuts.Fifteen minutes later he seems genuinely pleased as a partially constructed jacket is placed on his shoulders. Soon he is off again to catch a train.Nice to know that traditional tailoring is much appreciated and we thank Michael for his visit to our Huddersfield store and wish him well on his travels.Interestingly this is not the first time the BBC have been in this store.In 1988 a scene for ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ was recorded here when the not so elegant Compo was suited here. A few years later the BBC did a two-hour radio show live from from here with the then manager John Wakley.